Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Okay...so we haven't been so good about blogging. This is because doing it has absorbed so much of our time outside of work that we don't have time to write about it. But those who wish to see the story continue. Here's some activity since October 2012...

The view from the 2nd floor as the decking went up.

Completed 2nd floor. Then...2 weeks later...
ROOFERS! Do not attempt this without professional supervision. Very slick, this was just 8 hrs after they started. The next 2 days had the sheathing and base covering (tar paper & ice shield) in place.

Well that's enough for tonight. Want to publish, so will be back soon (promise this time!)


  1. Hi there! You haven’t blogged any updates about the house progress. I’d love to see it with completed sidings and roof. Maybe because you’re still busy finishing this house so you don’t have much time for blogging. I’m looking forward to any updates. :) ->Allyson Duguay

  2. “ROOFERS! Do not attempt this without professional supervision.” – Roofing installation should definitely be supervised by professional roofers or contractors. Don’t attempt to do it yourself, most especially if you haven’t experienced roofing installation before, or if you don’t have the basic know-how about it. Better leave it to a professional for a more precise installation.
    -North West Exteriors

  3. You’re definitely right, Josie! Sometimes even if you do know the basics of roofing installation, it is still more ideal to have it performed by a professional roofer. If you don’t want to risk the durability of your house, just leave it to the contractors. It saves you time and energy, if you do that. @ Roof Works