Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So yes, we had professionals put up the trusses and sheathing. A wise move by the builders supervising us at this stage. What we've learned is that you have to pick your battles with things. However, in our effort to save money and do as much as we can ourselves, we did finish the roof.

Note the Tyvek attached by the roofers before the trusses went up. Smart. The "lookouts" (overhangs at the gables) were part of our original design. We think it gives the house a better look, more architectural.

Also note the single garage-roof truss attached to the north-east side of the house. This is so that later we can map out the garage lines when we add that this spring (2013).

As you can see, it's been raining. It's late October at this point, and getting the shingles on is top priority. (Those ripple-y bumps on the roof are warping roofing paper.)

My brother Patrick and I loaded the shingles onto the roof. They have a truck with a conveyor belt lift and you just keep on humpin' really heavy bundles of shingles as fast as you can, spreading them about for use later. The boards along the edge were placed by the roofers. You pull those up as you go.

Robin from Bridlewood Builders giving us tips on the use of step-flashing and roof jacks.

Here you can see how we've placed roof jacks as we work our way up. It's around November 6 of 2011.

Next: as the winter approaches, we jam on "Closing In"!


  1. This seems like a lot of work! I think it’s a smart move that you handled the rest of the roof projects. It can save you a lot of money. Plus, it’s a great experience. You can learn a lot of things in a roof project, and it will help you a lot to make your next roofing project easier because you already know what to do.

    >Brendan Gertner

  2. Doing the roof repairs yourself is really cost effective but if you don’t know how to do it properly, then I don’t think it is advisable to do it yourself. Aside from the fact that this work is tiring, draining, and stressful, it is also dangerous. Safety first before anything else!

    -Penelope Dingee

  3. It’s nice that your contractors made the time to teach you on what to do. Only a few of them really find time to do that. I know that was hard work and I hope you’re satisfied with your new roof and you’ve done it with lot of safety precautions. It’s your good way to start the New Year, I guess. :)

    Kermit Lukacs